Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Quality of life scale

Source: naamahdarling: spontaneousinput: vaspider: ...

As mentioned on the source thread, this Quality of Life Scale can be used for pain, mental illness and, in my opinion, any chronic illness. For example, my day today was a 1 due in part to my still recovering from the "immune system making antibodies to the inert/dead flu virus in the jab" / not-flu after having my flu jab on Thursday morning.

I would alter this scale image/document to add a footnote to the effect that, for me and some others, "work/volunteer" includes knit/design/play-MMORPGs/spod which may or may not include leaving the house. I am guessing that the original intent was that working or volunteering meant leaving the house and fixed hours judging my the "Go to work/volunteer each day" of #10.
Tags: chronic illness, mental health, oain, scale

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