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Originally posted by siliconshaman at What EXXON knew about climate change.
EXXON knew about climate change, in 1977.

They substantially knew what would happen, what their product would do and had already concluded that the world need to reduce it's oil consumption with in five to ten years...

and instead they deliberately delayed any action, funded rabid denial groups and essentially doomed the planet to a future adversely affected by climate change, so they could continue to make a profit for a few more years.

Can you charge a company with corporate genocide?

How about an entire industry? Because without a doubt the rest of the companies knew as well, if not right away then pretty quickly afterwards..and they did collude with this.

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Sep. 28th, 2015 01:07 pm (UTC)
So, could Al Gore's histrionics about Florida sinking underwater in our lifetime have been *scripted*--not necessarily by Gore but by his "expert scientist" sources--to "debunk" the fact that cities where people drive two or three miles are measurably hotter than their suburbs?

Maryland is north of Virginia; people in Virginia always imagine that I must have been chilly in "the North." Rural, hilly Maryland might be three skinny Fahrenheit degrees cooler than rural, hilly Virginia...but suburban-to-urban Prince Georges County is becoming a *tropical* place where, if you want growing plants, you forget about roses, azaleas, or apple trees (which thrive in Virginia), and plant watermelons, aloe veras, or even palms. Hyattsville, Maryland, averages at least ten Fahrenheit degrees hotter than Gate City, Virginia.

It might be even worse if most people in PG County didn't work for the federal government and get two-to-four-week vacations, which, of course, are traditionally spent *anywhere else*.
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