Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"it's easy"

so I babysit these 2 kids, as most of you know. one is 8 and she’s a girl, and the other is 5 and he’s a boy. naturally, as the younger sibling, even though he won’t admit it, he wants to be just like his sister, which means playing with her toys and repeating things she says and all that.

the other day tho, she didn’t want him to pick up her special box that she made herself because y'know, accidents happen and she didn’t want him to break it. i asked him to put it down and after a little while, he did. then, i sat both of the kids down and talked to them. i told them, “when someone says ‘no’ or ‘stop’ you have to stop right away. it’s very important, because if you don’t, someone could get hurt. you don’t want to hurt anyone do you?” and they both shook their heads no. “okay,” i said, “but also remember that before you touch something that isn’t yours, you have to ask permission from the person who owns it.” then they nodded their heads and we went on with our day.

later, the little boy asked if he could touch his sister’s stuffed toy. once, she said no and he respected that and didn’t touch it. after that, she gave in and let him play with it. he started throwing it and the little girl told her brother to stop. he paused for a second, then carefully placed it down and said, “okay because i don’t want to hurt anyone,” and he looked right at me. and then for the rest of the day, when he told her to stop and vice versa they both did, as soon as it was said. if that’s not the cutest thing i don’t know what is!!

but it’s not just cute, to be clear, it’s evidence that IT’S EASY to teach kids about consent. SO TEACH THEM. PLEASE.
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