Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Amythest Vlogs #2

Amythest's favourite stimming items or stimtoys:

My comment on YouTube:

"Horse chestnut or conker so not a chestnut or a walnut.

I stim by knitting or hand-winding a centre-pull cake of yarn for my knitting. I can wind and rewind the same cake/ball over and over again.

I used to have a stone that I found on a beach when I was a teenager that perfectly fit in my palm and I would sleep with it clutched in my hand as well.

I miss my stone. It got lost in one of my recent house-moves or declutterings.

I have a huge blob of blutac that I stim with. it is large enough to fill my hand losely clenched, smells lovely when I stretch and snap it and soothes me when I squeeze it, a bit like a stress ball."

I also love tactile stimming and used to rub a ribon on my upper lip as a child but "grew out of it" or was persuaded to stop once I went to school.

It feels like most of Amythest's stim box contents are things that I would chose to stim with as well. Perhaps I need to start a box myself. I could decorate it and have it to hand and…
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