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Psychology Experiments: Cambridge Face Memory Test

It would seem that I have face blindness. I scored 35%. I knew that I rarely recognise someone out of context…


Jul. 31st, 2015 03:43 pm (UTC)
Face blindness interests me. I can't figure out how it works...are our neurons so specialized that if something happens to the ones that normally store face memories, others can't take over? I've been accused of having face blindness. What I actually have are (1) astigmatism (I don't *see* an eye thinker's face during the time it takes the eye thinker to make a snap judgment about what s/he imagines my face is "saying"), (2) more than the average 300 people whose faces I do recognize (Excel gave me the opportunity to test and confirm that I recognized almost 400 out of 1200 in one address book), and (3) the ability to *listen* to people instead of trying to read their faces. I've drawn portraits of friends' faces that other people could recognize...but if I talked to you for ten minutes, five years ago, *sorry*, you may well be one of my ~3,000 known relatives but you're not one of the 300-400 people whose faces I recognize. (Thanks, Natalief, for the opportunity to vent.)
Aug. 1st, 2015 06:39 pm (UTC)
(Feel free to vent - I do so a lot as well, albeit mostly on tumblr these days).

Yeah I have no idea how it works. I could not even picture my mother's face, right now, having spent the day with her and I have known her for 48 years (come Tuesday)!

It is also interesting to me how different people recognise different things about people's faces. When I used to say to the ex that I thought unknown person X on the TV looked like person Y to me, he just could not see it and would say instead that they reminded him of person Z.


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