Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
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[Ravelry FO] Herringbone Stitch Dishcloth


20150528: This is a lovely stitch pattern with minimal roll. It would be great for place mats and drinks coasters. I do wonder if this is going to be too thick for a dishcloth. Perhaps I should have used a larger needle.

I notice that the first row of this pattern is an alternative way of writing the SKYP stitch pattern (slip, knit, yarnover, pass the slipped stitch over the knit and yarnover).

20150529: After a few attempts and some tricky frogging (the pattern makes the yarn loops hold onto each other so that frogging is complex), I have decided to cast on with the 4mm needles but knit the cloth body with 6mm needles. This makes a less dense fabric with more drape. I still think placemats and coasters (perhaps even potholders) would be a great use of this stitch pattern but would knit those all on 4mm needles for the thicker and more dense fabric.

20150530: Making another variation. The leftmost selvege of the cloth as written in the pattern has a loose loop and is not very stable. I am casting on an odd number of stitches (61), adding an extra stitch at the start of row one (K1) and then ending row2 with another pair of the purled together and purled again stitches as in the rest of the row, instead of just P1 (purl two stitches together, but before you pull them off the left hand needle, purl the first one again, and pull both off). This provides a left selvedge that looks a lot more like the right selvedge.

I love the almost moire pooling pattern on this washcloth.

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