Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Opticians visit this afternoon

It is a good thing I had enough £££ reserved in the bank for just this eventuality because my prescription had changed a LOT (yay MS) and my new glasses have just cost me £468! I do have some £100 savings I can transfer back to my main account but I predict a more frugal month coming up - it is also good timing that I just had a groceries delivery, have topped up my gas and electricity meters and my freezer is full of food!

Thank goodness for free eye tests due to glaucoma in the family (mum, her mum, her half sister, dad's mum…), even if that means glaucoma may be in my future, and for a small discount off my lenses due to receiving one of the benefits that I am on - I dread to think what they might have cost me without those reductions.

Time to finally try getting some of these patterns written up, edited, test-knit and published for sale, methinks, if I can work out the best way to do the middle two of those tasks. Lots of good things in this post otherwise - and the new glasses will be a gorgeous green colour which is awesome because green has become my favourite colour in recent months/years.
Tags: benefits, glasses, money, multiple sclerosis

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