Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"Your illness doesn't make you a burden."

From a post on my tumblr:

A drawing of a bee in grey mittens and a green hat saying, "Your illness doesn't make you a burden."

(Source: positivedoodles, via heyatleastitsnotcancer)

My reply to this image is posted below the image on my tumblr post and copied here:

Except, despite telling me for 17 years that I was not a burden, the one that left stating that he could "just not cope" was, in fact, saying just that. My reaction has been to inwardly scoff at his lack of moral fibre and to cope perfectly well (better, in fact, than when he was here) on my own with only occasional help from family.

Feel free to add me on tumblr if you are over there as well and to let me know here what your tumblr account name is so that I recognise you - all if that is what you want.
Tags: burden, calm, illness, neilf

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