Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Happy Birthday extreme_jew, ruralrob, rwboughton and axisor!

Happy Birthday extreme_jew, ruralrob, rwboughton and axisor!

I use the LJ notification emails to remind me to make these posts and so I apologise if I miss anyone's birthday - I likely did not get that email for whatever LJReason or you may not have your birthday on your LJ userinfo page. Also, if there are multiple LJ names on this post, two or more of them might belong to the same RL person.

Original post text follows:

I know a few of you have your birthday today but my mac is currently in a box and not wired together on my desk because my desk has just been moved from one room to another and I am out of spoons to build the mac or use another computer to write my standard birthdays post because all of my TextExpander shortcuts are on the mac. Also I am taking a nap now. I will update this post later and/or write a new one.
Tags: birthdays

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