Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Another discovery about myself

The Voluptuarian Wolfess, theskeletalwarriorglitch: yourheartisawilddog: ...

Oh wow! It has a name! Autochorissexuality!

Yes, I used to be much more sexual and went through an almost nymphomaniac phase at university but my sexuality has changed over the years, likely due to a combination of medication and multiple sclerosis caused brain/nerve damage. It is something that I have been "questioning" about over recent years in the Q sense of LGBTIAQ+ - wondering if it was a "thing" that more people than just me experienced. I wondered if I was Asexual but that did not feel right to me as a fit because I can still get aroused

This reminds me a little of when I first got my MS diagnosis - it is a relief to know that I am not imagining it and that there is a name for it, even if there is no cure for it (or the MS, or the ASD if I ever get an official diagnosis) and I probably don't even want a cure for this (or the maybe-ASD), especially now that I am on my own.
Tags: sexuality

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