Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[public] The MS-UK Knit Kit

The MS-UK Knit Kit

This is a great way to donate money to a UK MS information and support website/charity/magazine, to have something it knit and to have a teddy bear to give to someone at giftmas! If you want me to knit one of these for you then by all means leave a comment and order one for delivery to me - I will send it on to you once it is complete.

Other UK MS websites/groups that have online shops with giftmas cards and the like:
  • The UK MS Society have a "Christmas Shop" for cards and so on. You can also donate to them directly by clicking on the "Donate now" button at the top of most of the MSSociety's web pages.

  • The MS Trust have all kinds of ways to donate by shopping on other sites (referer links) and a Christmas Shop as well linked on their shop page. The MS Trust are who I have an agreement with to donate my brain and spinal cord to MS research when I die.
Tags: christmas, giftmas, holidays, knitting, ms, multiple sclerosis, online shopping

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