Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

you are ridding a people from a land

your jewishness is not dependent
upon an undying loyalty to a state
that murders in your name.

A poem by Kevin Coval, “israel is the golden calf”</p>

(via fayanora)

I know some of you are Jewish and/or converts to Judaism and so might be offended and might un-friend/un-follow me. I hope that those of us that have been friends for a long enough time do not do so when I say that I liked this poem and still wonder how Israel has right over a country previously called Palestine, and the Palestinians.

Yes, I need to find the spoons to be able to read some history in this matter (HUGE Wikipedia page). Unfortunately, though, I won't hold my breath for my deficit of spoons, neither for a lasting cease-fire in Gaza, let alone for the return of the Palestinian homeland.
Tags: genocide, israel, palestine, politics, war

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