Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

New needles

Further to my earlier post about 2mm circular needles bending, I have spent part of a small, recent inheritance on a set of Dyakcraft 5″ Heavy Metal interchangeable needles (2mm – 3.25mm which are smaller interchangables than I have ever seen before).

They are solid stainless steel (instead of nickel plated tubes which tend to bend, like most other fixed circular needles), interchangeable (worth repeating!), self-repairable if the cables come adrift and they will send out new items if anything breaks!

I only recieved them today (after hubby paid the customs fees and VAT at the sprting office for me which also came out of the inheritance, thank goodness) but I am already using them in one project and I think I am in love with them! These will eventually replace all of the bendy fixed circular needles of various manufacturers that I already own in these sizes.

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Tags: needles, tools

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