Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"Eliot Rodgers Didn't Suprise Me. I Wish the Reaction of Many 'Good Men' to Eliot Rodgers Did"

MRA & PUA communities are rife with exceptionally violent rhetoric against women. We're not supposed to talk about the men who engage in this violent rhetoric & actions because doing that is less important than acknowledging that not all men are like that.

Some houses are on fire. But most houses are not on fire. Clearly, we have no need for a fire department. Any conversation about gathering up hoses, fire trucks, etc. is damaging to the houses that aren't on fire, so we shouldn't do it.

There's a thing floating around now with Here's a bowl of M&M's, 10% are poisoned, go ahead and eat some. It leaves out the bit that when you eat the poisoned M&M you will then subsequently be beaten up by the health care system, legal system & society for eating M&M's in the first space. Girl, you knew they were poisoned!

Studio Time - Eliot Rodgers Didn't Suprise Me. I Wish the Reaction of Many 'Good Men' to Eliot Rodgers Did

Once again, cbpotts says it all.
Tags: guns, misogyny, mra, notmentalhealth, pua, violence, yesallwomen

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