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Entitlement much? |

Oh CaptainAwkward, you say it better than I can, yet again. This is also pertinent to the UCSB shooting that I wrote about in passing the other day.

Domestic violence springs from a sense of contempt and entitlement towards women. Men who abuse women don’t think that women are entitled to their own needs, feelings, opinions, and personal space. They think women exist to be emotional caretakers and nannies for men, and that when they fail to put men first, it somehow constitutes “violence” that must be contained and retaliated against. Sound like anyone we know? This is a chilling, MRA-style argument that makes violence against women the fault of women. “Emma”, wherever you are: keep running. Your instincts are in solid working order.

Entitlement much? |

Yes, okay, I am back to occasionally posting on LJ. I am not reading LJ, Tumblr, FaceBorg, Twitter or much of the web where it contains news and/or stuff about the school shooting mentioned above.

I am reading my RSS/Atom feeds in Feedly because, as yet, I am not up to date enough to have hit UCSB news. Also it is easier to skip to the next post by just hitting "J". Hmmmm. I wonder if there is a way to read my LJFriend page in Feedly with my LJ account logged in.

If there is something important on my LJFriendsList or your journal that you think that I just must read, either email me at the email address in my LJProfile/userinfo, at the email address in my contact details post (locked) or comment on this post - I will get a notification email from LJ with the text of your comment.
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