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Heart-sore so going offline for a while

I have been reading a lot about the UCSB shooting in the last few days. Last night, though, I was informed that someone I love believed that the guy was not a misogynist and was just mentally ill. I have been reading articles from both sides of the equation and so had been weighing things from my point of view (a woman!). I know some people's views differ from mine (hey, my mum reads the Daily Mail!) but I had no idea that this person's views differed so much from mine and that they did not see the risk is equating mental illness with violence.

Apparently Elliot Roger was on the Autism Spectrum at the Asperger's end. Yes, his video blogs appear to show that he was narcissistic, but I do not know if he had an official diagnosis other than the Asperger's. I do know that his parents say he was seeing a psychiatrist. To be perfectly honest I cannot read any more about it because I am too upset.

MENTAL ILLNESS ≠ DANGEROUS except in a few psychotic cases.

Apparently, also from what I have read, he was very active in some Men's Rights Activism forums and so that may have fuelled his belief that women owed him something and that how dare they turn down his "obviously" perfect come-ons.

So, no. I cannot fathom this any more and am closing my LJ, Twitter and Tumblr tabs/apps for now. I have plenty to read else-web and offline. Perhaps I will come back online once this has all died down and/or I can take my mind off it. I foresee a lot of Diablo III in the next few hours/days.


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May. 29th, 2014 04:56 am (UTC)
i'll miss you.

i had to stop reading, too. i watched his video and it scared me. because he added to the asperger's stigma/myth/misinformation. all of a sudden, zane is now being watched, we are being "requested" by cps to have him go for extra therapy, and just...no. that...pathetic excuse for a human was not doing what he did because of asd but because he had so much more going on. he was scary. and the worst part, to me, is that the well check MISSED the saw and ammo in the next room.

he felt he was owed women. owed sex. owed adoration. owed respect. you earn that. even zane gets that.

i am right with you. i am taking a break from facebook as i want to blow up at nearly all my friends who say all of these horrible things about his parents, all sorts of things. i've even seen victim blaming. really? i have a cousin who has aspbergers, is narcissistic, and has major rage issues, and it's absolutely possible he could have done the same thing. and i would be just as disgusted. those men's rights groups are so screwed up. i could go on, but i have a raging migraine and get irate even talking about this.

please email me or something. i enjoy talking to you and i'd like to keep in touch. that and the kids love hearing about your critters and the zoo stuff. my email is username at gmail. same for skype.

love to you. i am worried about our future.
May. 29th, 2014 12:22 pm (UTC)
He wasn't mentally ill [speaking as a therapist] he was just a sorry excuse for a human being, angry and frustrated that the world wasn't behaving the way he wanted it to.
(Deleted comment)
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