Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

How to write an essay?

I remember reading something else_LJ or else_web about being taught how to write an essay in US schools with sections and content outlines and so on. We never had that when I was at school back in the 80s in the UK. I wrote a number of essays but would just write and write on the subject matter given all the research I could gather and I never had any structure or suchlike. I got good grades in my classes because I did not do any essay subjects like history and the other classics. The subjects I did do that had some form of essay in exams (like English Lit) I would just write and write until I ran out of stuff to say or time, whichever came first. My main subjects were maths and sciences. The former did not have essays. The latter I would just regurgitate what I had read.

So, I now find myself interested in researching a subject with a view to trying to write an essay about it. Huh. No idea where to start.

My BSc Biochemistry project writeup needed to be lengthy but followed a similar outline to an experiment writeup and included photos that I took on the scanning electron microscope of the samples. My MSc Information Technology project writeup was similar. I described what I did, talked about some similar research and included screenshots.

Neither project write-up received very good marks. I am still convinced that I "got" both degrees due to the medical notes that I had each time due to supposed mono/glandular-fever relapses that we now know were probably MS relapses.

Okay so maybe I am just tilting at windmills here but I do know that, had I been taught *HOW* to write an essay I would have found both of those processes less stressful and been less likely to have whatever relapse it actually was.

Also, now that I seem to score so high for ASD/Autism/Aspergers and now that I have done some reading about that subject and have watched videos by people on the spectrum, I now know that exams and final projects were never ideal as an education structure for me. I knew this at the time but did not have the words to explain that back them.
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