Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"Knitting is cheaper than therapy!"

Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time (from which comes the quote in my post title).

Source: The Truth About Knitting and Crochet….They’re Good for You!

Seen in an blog post (that I get by email) from Liat Gat of KnitFreedom: Liat and Knitting for Health In The News.

Liat also links to her older blog post: How Knitting Rescued Me, and A Knitted Christmas Ornament.

I have learned a lot from Liat's emails and videos over the last few years and I agree that knitting keeps me sane (see userpic which is a photo of my knitting (Regia Afrika (no longer made) stocking stitch) with the words: "Knitting: a socially acceptable way to stim in public.").

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