Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"World Autism Awareness Day 2014…"

World Autism Awareness Day 2014: This message from the pupils of Limpsfield Grange, the only school for autistic girls in England, will change the way you view them forever - UK - News - The Independent

The video on this page really does make me wonder if I might be on the spectrum if I was to pursue a diagnosis. Then again, I know I am different and equal so what would the purpose of yet *another* diagnosis be? What might it achieve? These girls seem a lot more "normal" than the boys/men that I have met in the past with Autism or Asperger's - they can "pass" as normal and I too can pass if I have to. I saw a lot of the teenage- and child-me in these girls. Perhaps school and college would not have been the complete nightmare for me that they were with regards to bullying and exam-stress had I had a diagnosis and some associated therapy. Perhaps it would have been worse.

Stuff to think about.

I spotted the link to this video/article on a blog post: Sometimes it’s like being hit in the face on
Tags: aspergers, autism, bullying, diagnoses, diagnosis, spectrum

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