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Happy goldfish bowl

Originally posted by thnidu at Happy goldfish bowl

Lifted from a post by goldsquare:

I want to warn you away from the Internet phenomenon "too long; didn't read". I want to share an article by Dan Geer that he delivered in February to the RSA Security conference.

It is long. It is worthy. It is challenging. It is insightful. It is incite-ful. It is terrifying.

Rarely have I read an article that was so full of moments of "aha" and "oh, crap" and "I never thought of that."

(My subject line is an allusion to Asimov's story "The Dead Past".)

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I only read about a third of the linked linked article due to lack of spoons (I started to re-read the sentence I had just read over and over again) but what I read is interesting and concerning. I am linking this for my reference (so that I might be able to read the rest at some point).
Tags: internet, security, tech

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