Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

WoW maintenance a day late?!

WoW rant follows:

As if it was not bad enough that our landlord is in the process of trying to evict us after all the stress of leaky flat roofs and asbestos ceiling removals (and a heating/water boiler that seems to use about three times the amount of gas than it should and so eats cash), I had come to a decision last night about playing on the Mains' WoW server in the mornings (when nobody else is online) and on the other servers in the evenings/night when the mains' guild has more people online who make all the sexist and rape-culture comments - but when I try to log in to WoW using the Blizzard Beta Launcher this morning because I am awake and I might as well get the mains' dailies done - Blizzard has, for some reason, decided to do the long maintenance today/Thursday instead of the Wednesday that it has always been until now.

Long run-on sentence is long and run-on.

An example of a conversation in mains' guild:

Me: I find that really hard.
Xx: It is easy!
Me: {long pause} Who even says that? Do you mean to say "nur nur ne nur nur you are useless and I am awesome!" to me? Because it hurts.
Xx: Maybe?

Because yes, it hurts that I find that thing hard due to disabilities and then you rub it in by saying that it is easy to you and so most people find it easy except me and yes, I KNOW THAT! Some of my disabilities make it hard for me.


Tags: stress, wow

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