Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[Ravelry FO] Fluffy Brioche Blanket

Tue 11 Feb, 2014
I have frogged this because I have to pay too much attention to it and so cannot knit in front of the TV.

Mon 10 Feb, 2014:
I have frogged my Minty Ridge sweater because the neckline is too scratchy next to my neck in that “tweedy” aran yarn and am going to knit a lap-blanket with it for when I am at the computer at night (there is often a chilly draft there from somewhere) based on this pattern’s stitch pattern with smaller needles (probably the 4.5 mm that I used in that sweater).

I will have to reknit the Ridgeway Lite sweater at some point with a less scratchy-to-me yarn (this has a viscose “tweedy” fibre in it which makes it scratchy-to-me – the normal non-tweed Hayfield Bonus Aran is very soft).

You can get to my Ravelry page for this project by clicking on the title of this post on my blog or by clicking here.

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Tags: finished objects

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