Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

xjenavivex gave me the letter S

Something I hate:
Hate is such a strong word. There is very little that I actually hate but I can answer this as if the question said "dislike", I suppose. Hmmmm. *thinks* I really do not enjoy the spasms and spasticity that the MS/Monster sometimes throws at me. I dislike that pretty strongly and suppose that I probably hate it. I could even expand this to the fact that I pretty much hate many of the symptoms that the MonSter throws at me.

Something I love:
I loved to go swimming but rarely get to do that these days because I am probably not safe to go alone and neither hubby nor mum are into swimming enough to go with me. I also love to learn and so really liked school until bullies, exams and other such stress got in the way.

Somewhere I have been:
I have been to Seattle twice and could answer the next question with the same S - I fell in love with that city pretty quickly and very hard.

Somewhere I would like to go:
I would love to live in a bungalow or ground-floor flat with a patio (and double glazing) by the sea.

Someone I know:
My best friend from age 7 to age 11 or so was Susan. We were inseparable for all of those years but after that grew apart at the new school. We have, in the last few years, rediscovered each other via but I am useless at keeping in touch with people due to my weird time-stretching-and-shrinking symptoms - it feels like we moved here about a month ago and that was May 2008!

Best film:
Hmmmm. I am going to have to use imdb to get a list of S films because nothing comes to mind - another weirdness of my MonSter-eaten memory. Huh. was no help. The only film that I can think of that starts with S that I even like are the Spiderman films and they are okay I suppose.
Tags: letter, meme, quiz

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