Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

17:15 Waking up …

Originally posted by natdaylog at 17:15 Waking up …

Waking up — I must have been really tired! That was a very long "nap". When I went back to sleep after texting hubby that his parcel had arrived at 10:47 I forgot to put earplugs in. So, when I was woken at about 14:15 by neighbour DIY noise, I put earplugs in and rolled over, intending to get another hour or so of sleep, and here I am having hibernated away the daylight hours yet again. One of these days I will be awake during daylight long enough to photograph and "finish" in Ravelry projects that I actually finished knitting weeks ago!

Tags: cross-post, daylight, daylog, earplugs, iphone, knitting, ljapp, natdaylog, sleep

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