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January 28th, 2019

My tweets

  • Mon, 03:02: RT @sesmith: I’ve been thinking a lot about straws lately because that’s where we are as a society and also because I got into a fight with…
  • Mon, 03:02: RT @sesmith: Yes, some people need plastic straws because no one has developed a good alternative. At this point, though, that’s not what i…
  • Mon, 03:02: RT @sesmith: The straws have become a metaphor, a stand-in for the larger hatred and disregard for the community. They have directly enable…
  • Mon, 03:02: RT @sesmith: They stand for the larger cultural beliefs that disabled people are not worthy of dignity and respect, consume resources at a…
  • Mon, 03:02: RT @sesmith: Which brings me to the larger issue here and one that environmentalists of all people should get: This is at its root about hy…
  • Mon, 03:02: RT @sesmith: Sure, some environmentalists do both. But the vast majority of people driving the straw bandwagon do not. Because they like pe…
  • Mon, 03:03: RT @sesmith: You put the burden for environmental destruction on those LEAST able to do something about it instead of pooling our resources…
  • Mon, 03:03: RT @sesmith: You have turned straws into vessels of spite—a tool of defiance that people will use whether or not they need them because it…
  • Mon, 03:03: RT @sesmith: And I know someone’s going to cruise in here and tell me that this is classic cutting off your nose to spite your face/voting…
  • Mon, 03:03: RT @sesmith: P.S. Disabled people are environmentalists too and many have much more to lose from issues like climate change and industrial…



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