July 26th, 2015

knit-spock, knitting-spock

"The nerd's guide to learning everything online"

I discovered at Knit and Natter the other week that I might actually be an expert knitter. Most of the people there can knit and purl and follow a pattern if it is not too complex. I boggled their minds by using interchangeable circular needles instead of straight needles and knitting in the round and using magic-loop and knitting lace and designing my own patterns and… They had never seen anyone do some of these things. They had never been taught them. I ended up teaching them how to knit back and forth / flat using a circular needle - so unbreaking their minds. I was also able to tell them *why* I prefer circs to straights or DPNs; I am VERY clumsy due to the MS and if I drop knitting on circs I am less likely to lose a DPN (or other needle) because the needles are joined together and at least one is within my knitting with a row of live stitches on it.

Then I realised that I had learned most of what I know my watching YouTube videos and that I cannot think of a knitting technique to learn next that I have not already learned by watching YouTube and practicing as I watch (ideas knitters?). Then, whilst watching this TED Talk, I found myself yelling/saying "KNITTING!" at my monitor whenever he listed learning communities on YouTube like 'maths', 'science', 'history' and 'geography'.

John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online | TED Talk | TED.com

I am, as you can see in my LJ profile and so many of my other online profiles, a polymath and a philomath. I know stuff in many many subject areas and I love learning new stuff. I also have been known to say that, "I live online," because I spend a lot of time reading online, talking to people online, writing online, gaming online and being a member of many online communities. My online life is ideal for me because of my spoon-starved disabled life in the real world. I have also learned a lot on LJ (and now tumblr) about gender, sexuality, human rights and so much more.

Is there a learning community on YouTube that you belong to?
What have you learned on YouTube?
What knitting technique should I learn next online / on YouTube that I might not already know?