July 24th, 2015

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"on self diagnosis"

This really resonated with me:

on self diagnosis

the argument that “if you can’t afford professional diagnosis then you can’t afford treatment anyway so why would you self-diagnose other than just for the ~trendy~ label” is completely bullshit

self-diagnosis isn’t about treatment. not everyone can afford medical care and then again medical care isn’t for everyone. and that’s not the point. self-diagnosis is about giving your experiences a meaning, knowing that you are not alone, being able to better understand yourself and then being able to help yourself cope.

you kind of need to know what you’re struggling with before you can work on that effectively. you need to know what you’re struggling with to read books or articles about it. you need to know what you’re struggling with to find people in the same community, with the same struggle, as you, that you can identify with and draw strength from.

self-diagnosis is about knowing you belong. and knowing that there is always hope.

source: on self diagnosis - 50% Girl; 50% Unknown