March 5th, 2015


[Ravelry FO] Door handle socks/mitts


The door handles in this house are brass coloured metal and pretty sharp – I am always catching myself on them and/or bruising my forearms by bashing into them as I try to walk past – I have multiple sclerosis and ataxia / clumsiness is a major problem / symptom for me.

I was going to buy rounded doorknobs to replace the handles because I rarely actually close any of the doors but mum suggested putting a padded cover on the handles instead.

I have dug out some leftover teal DK yarn and am going to use that. I will probably run a length of shirring elastic around the open end.

Go go gadget knitting designer!

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Daily Science Fiction :: Gallery by KJ Kabza

Daily Science Fiction :: Gallery by KJ Kabza

Oh, I wish. I wish this almost as hard as I wish I could video and photograph through my eyes and so record, for others' interest and education (e.g. knitting videos!) and for my own dwindling memory, exactly what I am seeing merely by subvocalising a command to an implant or some such mechanism. Yes, we do live in the future that I dreamed of as a child with tablets and eBooks but this is the future that I wish for now and that will probably not come before I die.

What is the future that you wish for that is yet to come to pass?

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