September 6th, 2014


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[public] The state of my WoW/Blizzard account(s)

I have discovered that I can play the Beta for the next expansion of WoW for free, i.e. using my main account (the one that got the Beta invite) even though there is not 'game-time' on the account and I cannot play the live/released/current WoW!!! I just thought I would try to play the WoW beta last night and I could! ;-p

I also have DiabloIII and Hearthstone on my main account ( which are free to play because D3 is bought over the counter, installed and playable with no subscription required and Hearthstone is free to play if you have a Blizzard account, even if there is not WoW game-time on the account.

I also have a free WoW/Blizzard account and can play WoW for free but only until characters are level 10 which, seeing as the current level cap is 90 and they have made low level levelling very easy-mode and fast since I first started playing 8+ years ago, can get very boring but, until I thought to try the beta, it was my only way to get an Azeroth fix and a coincident questing and gribbly-hitting calm.

So. Complicated Blizzard account shenanigans but opportunities to have some escapist fun!

[public] Just added to my sticky post

I add "[public]" or "[friends]" to the titles of my posts (and will do in the future even if I have not in the past) so that readers might be more likely to notice when a post is friends-only and so should only be talked about on the comments threads for that post. That said some automatic posts (e.g. from Twitter, usually entitled, "My tweets") will not have that label in the title and so will likely be public. So, if a post foes not have a privacy label in the title, please take note of the padlock icon or its absence.

My sticky post is here and is visible at the top of natf when you lead that in a browser.