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June 21st, 2014

My tweets


Tab closing links post

I am closing some tabs in my browser. These links are probably mostly of interest to me (and I may write posts about them later) but may be of interest to my readers.

Why I dislike "person first" language by Jim Sinclair on the Wayback Machine from tumblr and from my tumblr repost:

I am a person with multiple sclerosis which I would love a cure for but am likely an autist/aspie (undiagnosed by the medical profession but part of my identity) and that is just how I am wired and/or just the operating system my wiring runs. I never want to be cured of my wiring or OS. I would cease being me if that happened. Like if I was trans or gay or bi or asexual or genderfluid or female or…

Mandala printing and colouring links (link1 and link2, also found on tumblr.

tumblr_refuge found here.

Spoonie Buddy List Announcement via suricattus's tumblr.

"The real “Lone Ranger,” it turns out, was an African American man named Bass Reeves,…" via naamah_darling's tumblr.

"TL;DR - Voldemorts’ rise, and the accompanying social conservatism in the wizarding world - class hatred, allusions to racism, recession, a small but powerful government - actually tallies really well with what actually happened in Muggle Britain in the nineties. "

"Plot, Originality, and the Value of Ideas."

"On Interpersonal Badness" by Fugitivus.

A question for neurowonderful on tumblr: "Do you have any tips on how to make a sensory overload go away faster?" where her answer links to this awesome infographic/powerpoint/slideshow.

Another awesome neurowonderful answer/essay where she answers anon's question; "Is it true that boys are more likely to have autism? Because I've seen/heard of a lot more girls than boys with it. I've heard it suggested that girls with autism are less noticeable because as children their friends are more likely to help them learn to be "normal" but I think it's more that the patriarchy ignores girls and emphasizes boys".

Also, from my tumblr:

"if this isn’t the most motivational tweet in the entire world idk what is"

Perfect! I needed this tonight.


Nat S Ford
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