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June 20th, 2014

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Yup. And, at the moment, the background paincount may be 3 or 4 but the back muscle spasms/spasticity spikes to a pc9 if I twist my back at all. This went on for 18 months when I was 13. Back brace, valium and painkillers notwithstanding. I am not looking forward to it going on that long this time. :-(

Is this thing on? (Trying to explain your life to non-spoonies)


The new Firefox (30.0, OSX) winds me up

I use my mac by finger/muscle memory and so the new version of Firefox is really aggravating. I found the preferences setting that turns reloading previous tabs back on (the update turned that off) but now I don't seem to have the option for new tabs/windows to be truly blank - they seem to have a Firefox search page that captures the input cursor in the search box and not in the address bar and so when I type a partial URL and hit enter (I look at the keyboard to type) it no longer takes me to the completion of the partial URL I typed and leads to a list of hits instead. I have done the following search in ixquick (https and no google datamining) but cannot work out the answer:

How do I get Firefox 30.0 on OSX to load new tabs as BLANK pages with the cursor in the address bar?

HELP?! Anyone?

ETA: Further investigation reveals that is it new WINDOWS and not new TABS that are doing the annoying thing. Looks like I will have to do ⌘*+N, ⌘+T to open a new window and then immediately a new tab and then later close the first, unused tab.

* The cmd key on a mac OSX keyboard is shown in the userpic used for this post, discussed here on wikipedia and the HTML code ⌘ displays its character, ⌘.

P.S. I wish I still had the photoshop CS* suite and/or knew how to resize animated GIFs and make this image's background transparent in GIMP or something else…



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