June 19th, 2014


Happy Birthday LJFriend marina_bonomi!

Happy Birthday LJFriend marina_bonomi!

I use the LJ notification emails to remind me to make these posts and so I apologise if I miss anyone's birthday - I likely did not get that email for whatever LJReason or you may not have your birthday on your LJ userinfo page. Also, if there are multiple LJ names on this post, two or more of them might belong to the same RL person.
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LJ has a like button

I have copied this post from a comment that I wrote else-LJ where someone was asking about the facility to add like buttons to posts and so on:

I had a spare couple of minutes and there was a new LJ release email in my inbox and so I found it for you by looking at previous release posts in lj_releases (which is worth watching for just these reasons).

The <lj-like> tag is mentioned in release #93 from June 19 2012.

The lj-like FAQ page.

Enjoy! *smiles*