June 5th, 2014

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[asd/aspergers] Another email thread becomes a blog post

I sent an email to my brother T about my recent aspergers/asd blog posts and self-diagnosis:

Subject: Some stuff I have been thinking about recently

I may have Asperger's / be on the autism spectrum.

Yeah bombshell out of the blue, I know. Women/girls on the spectrum are considerably different from men/boys. We have thought, for years, that Neil might be on the spectrum as well but this was as much a shock to me as it is undoubtedly to everyone else.

I mentioned it to Val but have not mentioned it to mum or dad and don't think that telling them would be worth the aggro to be honest. As to why I am mentioning it to you, I am not sure why but would value your opinion if you have time to follow the links to my blog posts about this. If you do not have time and/or do not want to get involved with this then I understand.

Blog posts in order:
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Yes, I know that emails are not private and that this could get forwarded on anywhere but I trust you not to mention it to mum or dad and the blog posts are public anyway.

He replied and I won't post his reply but he found it interesting and related some anecdotes about his experiences as a sports coach and teacher - and also some unrelated stuff about his life/family.

The main reason I wanted to post this, though, was my reply (just sent):

Yeah, it just explains so much! Exam stress! Meltdowns! Stimming with blu-tac! "Daydreaming" instead of writing in class at junior school!

I did not realise that autistic girls were so *different* from autistic boys. Yes, of course, there is a spectrum, but if you watch the video of the autistic girls - they seem so "normal"! They "pass" as "normal" so much more easily.

I remember doing a trampoline demo at a residential school for autistic kids (Slinfold rings a bell but I forget the school's name) and mum saying that girls did not "get it so bad" as the boys. There were many fewer girl residents than boys and, yes, they seemed more normal. The thing is it just affects girls differently.

Autism is not a disease that we "get" and can cure. It is a different brain-wiring. A different way of seeing the world. Some even say that autism is an evolution of the human race. I don't know about that but I do know that I finally feel like I fit somewhere. A bit like the "FINALLY!" feeling I got with my MS diagnosis because I had worked out YEARS before what I had but the medical processes take so LONG!

Hmmm. This seems like another blog post. I hope you don't mind if I post this part (my words only, of course) to my LiveJournal - I may even add to it.

It is also helping N and I understand each other better.

I thought that that was blog-ish enough to post here. I still am not sure if pursuing a medical diagnosis would be of any use other than to add to my reasons for DLA/benefits. I know that this is true and it explains a lot to me about me.