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May 31st, 2014

I believe that choice at the end of life should include a change in the law to permit the option of assisted dying for people who are dying. Who is the current law protecting?

Sir Partrick Stewarts personal intervention into the assisted suicide debate | Mail Online

The more I get to know Sir Patrick Stewart from his online presence, the more I really like this man. It is a pity that this is in the Daily Mail but it is amazing that he wrote it / got it out there. I feel so sad for Gillian and David but hope that, by the time I might need it (as either the dying patient or the loved one of the dying patient), there might finally be a law that allows dying with dignity.

I received a link to this in an email from The Campaign for Dignity in Dying and I see they have a non Daily Mail page about Sir Patrick Stewart with a quote from him..

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Knitting realisation

When you tink (tink = knit spelled backwards = un-knit) and re-knit a row five times before realising that you do not have the requisite number of stitches and so have got the increases wrong rows ago and that you cannot see well enough to tink any more it is easier and saner to frog (ribbit = rippit = rip it out) and start again when you can see better. Especially when it is only the toe of some socks (two-at-a-time magic-loop) and will only take a little while to get back to where you were.

Note to self: use lifelines even more often now that your vision is getting worse.



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