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May 13th, 2014

Could I spend a billion in a weekend?

From tumblr:

(image says: You get 1 billion dollars. but You have to spend ALL of it in one weekend or lose it all.


- four bedrooms so I could have a knitting/computer room and hubby could likewise have a study/workroom. Perhaps five so we could have a spare bedroom (hubby and I sleep in separate rooms due to conflicting sleep schedules).

- a garden.

- enough land that I could ride my trike (below) without worrying about my double vision.

- by the sea for the sea air.

- a pool.



Yarn - I could finally have a stash!

Those expensive interchangeable knitting needles that are solid instead of steel tubes.

A recumbent pedal trike so that I could get fresh air and exercise.

Food that will freeze (a deep freeze in the garage?) / store for months in advance.

Comfortable clothes for all seasons.

A body cooling system/suit for the summer.

Personal trainer that is au fait with multiple sclerosis.

Months supplies of all my weird grocery needs (like Tena) and supplements.

A new mac with cinema display and copies of all software and games that I want/need.

Anything hubby, mum, dad, in-laws, brother, aunts, etc. need/want. Houses for them all. Holidays.

Yup, I could easily spend a billion $ or £ in a weekend. MS is an expensive disability and I have other diagnoses to contend with.
Is this thing on? (irontargaryen: *cracks neck* my time has...)

I am not sure if this is a public post on the AsperClick forums or whether you need to register to see it but this was a very interesting thread for me to read. When I went to bed earlier (last long-sleep) I was in bed for at least two hours with my brain just running all over everything over and over again and so I may have been in bed for 10 hours or so but I did not get 10 hours of sleep. I even waited to go to bed until I was too tired to read, play WoW or knit and STILL could not fall asleep. I will have to try to read up on the techniques that people suggested here.

How to stop overthinking? - Symptoms & Diagnosis - Asperclick - Friendly Aspergers Forum


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