April 26th, 2014


Happy Birthday LJFriends moonlightgryph and chasing_life!

Happy Birthday LJFriends moonlightgryph and chasing_life!

I use the LJ notification emails to remind me to make these posts and so I apologise if I miss anyone's birthday - I likely did not get that email for whatever LJReason or you may not have your birthday on your LJ userinfo page. Also, if there are multiple LJ names on this post, two or more of them might belong to the same RL person.
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"Knitting is cheaper than therapy!"

Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time (from which comes the quote in my post title).

Source: The Truth About Knitting and Crochet….They’re Good for You!

Seen in an blog post (that I get by email) from Liat Gat of KnitFreedom: Liat and Knitting for Health In The News.

Liat also links to her older blog post: How Knitting Rescued Me, and A Knitted Christmas Ornament.

I have learned a lot from Liat's emails and videos over the last few years and I agree that knitting keeps me sane (see userpic which is a photo of my knitting (Regia Afrika (no longer made) stocking stitch) with the words: "Knitting: a socially acceptable way to stim in public.").