April 16th, 2014

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"Shadow Muse - We Are Not Smarter Than Hunger"

Because my body knew, it knew, that 700 calories a day was not 2,000 calories a day. It knew it was starving. It thought it was dying.

You cannot fool that. You cannot permanently change your body’s metabolism with tricks. Just because it works once doesn’t mean it will work the nine hundredth time you try it.

Shadow Muse - We Are Not Smarter Than Hunger

I have already seen one LJ post from someone I usually respect who suggested in a very "The Secret" kinda way that we could mind-over-matter ourselves to lose weight. So, um, NO! That sounds, to me, like a lot of Magical Thinking (á la schizophrenia and many other mental disorders) with a side of eating disorder not otherwise specified (ED-NOS). Also, a sample size of one (i.e. only one meal however many people you sampled) is unscientific. This is NOT SCIENCE people.

Thank you Naamah for saying it so much better than I do, again.

ETA: Another link about this "study".