February 20th, 2014

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[repost/share] Rise up, Rise up ever victorious!

I have a cold/cough/bleh so I am borrowing Catt's words:

Originally posted by cluegirl at Rise up, Rise up ever victorious!
So there -- there's your marching orders for the day.

Get back up. Maybe not today, if you just got knocked back, or if you haven't got the stones for it, but get it into your head that you will. That you are going to get onto your feet again, though at present you might not know the mechanism therefore. You are going to rise. It's inevitable, because you're still breathing, your heart is still flexing hemoglobin through your veins, and your neurons are still firing, and despite all the toxicity the world can inspire in your internal chemistry, the natural inclination of Life is to Live. And the natural inclination of the Living is to rise. Energy ascends, and so do you, at your own pace, and under your own auspices, but with the inherent human advantage of the most amazing resourcefulness yet seen in the terrestrial animal kingdom. You'll find the tools, you'll find the means, and you'll rise. You'll make it off your ass, and you'll get your feet set again.

There are very few guarantees, but here are some:

Nothing is permanent, no trend, no triumph, and no failure. Even death is but a moment of change from one state to another -- an electrochemical sublimation, a phase-change from personal consciousness into collective memory. This too shall pass.

Humans adapt. Humans survive. Humans use tools and resources to enforce their will on their surroundings, and if you're reading this, then nominally you are a human. You're probably stronger, more canny, and more capable than you realize. You don't have to lift a car off a toddler every day to prove that, in a moment of extreme motivation, you could. But it helps to invest a bit of faith in the innate capabilities of your species, if you can't find it in you to believe in yourself specifically.

You have all your life to figure this stuff out. Whatever's got you down right now is probably not going to be what they engrave on your headstone. You've got years and years left in which to do amazing, fulfilling, awe inspiring stuff, and even if you don't believe you will, I personally do. Whoever you are; nobody can be ordinary all the time, no matter how they try. Everyone's amazing at some time or other. Frequently more than they ever notice. Or believe. Because when you live with your own level of awesome every day, you forget that for someone else, that awesome still DOES inspire awe instead of self-doubt or boredom. No matter how little you like yourself, there's someone out there who'd be hella impressed to know you.

You don't have to believe any of this if you're in the dark place and it just feels like blah blah to you. It's fine -- I don't take it personally. But if you're not quite there, and this sparks something like hope in you, then hang onto it. Nurture that brightness, feed it, love it, and call it George, and follow its lead as it reaches for the light. Like a seed, it knows which way to go; it knows how to rise, and so, really, do you.

Peace out,

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Tab-closing link-soup

I have a cold/cough/bleh and so do not have the energy/spoons to write the posts that I had been keeping these tabs open for. So. I might get around to writing the filler text at some point and then I will come back to this.

I have been searching the web for possible information about codeine apparently (according to my GP) causing migraines and about it being a good cure for migraines (according to the doctor I saw at the Pain Clinic a few years ago):

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Other tabs I have open that I was interested in enough to want to link to them:

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