January 23rd, 2014

cold, ice

A random thought/memory

"I have one regret about when Granny died. One year Granny (de Fraine, neé Ashwell) gave me a cross-stitch kit for my birthday in August. I seem to remember that it was of a bluetit or bluetits - both of us loved that type of bird. I stitched it and framed it and gave it back to her for Christmas that year (or maybe a year after?). She was living in the F* Close bungalow in Horsham at the time. Sadly that picture was not left in her belongings when I had a chance to choose something of hers to remember her by and I would have loved that picture back as it had such memories of her for me. Perhaps she had already got rid of it or it was sent to a charity shop when her children/daughters (mum and my aunt) went through her retirement flat after her death. Perhaps my aunt kept it because she likes doing cross-stitch. I still wonder what happened to that picture that had so much of me and of Granny in it for me."

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