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January 13th, 2014

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ETA: See also Surviving Anxiety
"Some commentators have suggested, based on findings like Coplan’s, that the main cause of the economic crash of 2008 was politicians and financiers who were either stupid or insufficiently anxious or both."

This Is Anxiety - James Hamblin - The Atlantic

The following excerpt from the above article shows exactly how my phone anxiety is for me. I was fine as recently as 2008 when I single-handedly organised our move from Billingshurst to Horsham. I have no real idea why or when this problem started for me. I have been anxious about answering the phone when it rings for years (after stressful calls from mum, about dad and such like) but the anxiety about calling someone is more recent. I wonder if it can be attributed to brain damage caused by the multiple sclerosis.

How I make important phone calls:

1. Write down whatever I have to say.
2. Practice over and over.
3. Call the number.
4. Hang up as soon as someone answers. I wasn't ready or I jumble up my words.
5. Wait an hour or so and hope I don’t get the same person.
6. Wait some more because I was not ready an hour ago.
7. Call again (I may go though steps 3 though 6 again)

Sacramento, California

16:55 Sleep. NOW! …

Originally posted by natdaylog at 16:55 Sleep. NOW! …

Sleep. NOW!

I was trying not to nap today because I have a morning appointment on Wednesday and had hoped to normalise my sleep non-pattern but when my body/brain does its narcolepsy-like MS-fatigue it is all I can do to try to daylog the start of a nap.


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