December 20th, 2013


Robot Hugs links

Links in case of MonSter-eaten memory (some may be NSFW):

There may be more later.

Happt Birthday LJFriends kassi_kennedy and brightflashes!

Happt Birthday LJFriends kassi_kennedy and brightflashes!

I use the LJ notification emails to remind me to make these posts and so I apologise if I miss anyone's birthday - I likely did not get that email for whatever LJReason or you do not have your birthday in your LJ userinfo. Also, if there is more than one LJPerson with a birthday in this post they may or may not be the same RLPerson!
relaxed, lynxes

Daily Science Fiction (DSF)

From the top of today's DSF email:

[ Remember Why Women Turn To Stone by Heather Morris? It's now up on the web, and if you'd like to share the link with your friends, now is a good time: ]

Yes, you can comment on every DSF story at Yes you can tell your friends and enemies to subscribe at to get free stories in their email, so they'll know why you're staring at your screen with that far-off, cross-eyed expression of sfnal glee. Yes you can.
-Michele and Jonathan

So, I did.

I think I need a reading icon.