November 23rd, 2013


"Chilly temperatures foster cancer growth in mice | Ars Technica"

Chilly temperatures foster cancer growth in mice | Ars Technica

Wait, what? 22ºC is cold and 30ºC is comfortably warm? When it is 15ºC in my room I am cold and when it is 25ºC I am too hot. Mice must run warmer than me or something. Either that or 15ºC is COLD like it feels and today's comfortable 19ºC is actually cold but I am weird…

"WFC Harassment Roundup"

Originally posted by jimhines at WFC Harassment Roundup

The World Fantasy Convention was held earlier this month. I wasn’t able to attend this year.

Let me repeat that. I wasn’t at WFC this year. What follows is based on online announcements from the con itself, a screenshot or two, and various blog posts and discussions. My main goal here is signal-boosting and hopefully helping more people to understand that this stuff matters. And also to vent my own frustrations…

This year’s WFC had problems. From accessibility trouble to the great fee-charging kaffeeklatch SNAFU and so much more. One of many concerns raised before the con was the lack of a sexual harassment policy.

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