October 20th, 2013


I can't do this any more.

I know this is a permanent LJ account and I am still immensely grateful to whomever it was that anonymously bought that for me but I have once again made the mistake of thinking of an LJFriend that I like and respect as a true friend only to have them un-friend me out if the blue and then, when I message them to ask why rather than just doing what I usually do do avoid drama and just un-friend them back (I did that as well), am told that it was something I said a while ago and that maybe we could still be friends because I had messaged them. I know that it often seems to me that I speak and understand a totally different language to those out there on TEH INTARWEBZ but I am totally at a loss what to do. I had already un-friended them before I messaged them, as is my usual policy, but I broke my usual rule for self-sanity when I realised that I would not sleep for perseverating about it and messaged them.

Anyway, TL; DR, I am going to be taking a step back from reading and posting on LJ. I have also been sucked into FaceBorg recently but have been feeling similar currents there as well. Many of the LJs that I read are webfic and so I will likely add those to my RSS reader and keep up with them there. I will miss you all but I think I need to circle the wagons for a while.

If there is something that you would like me to read or to know please let me know via email:
natalief {at-thingy} livejournal {dot-thingy} com
natalie {at-thingy} natalieford {dot-thingy} com

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ETA: You know what I would say to any of you going through this? It is their loss and my journal. That said yes I am hurt and upset but I will live and do not need their drama around here.