September 2nd, 2013

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"What are sore spots?"

N.B. The following, in italics, are not my words but a quote from the linked article:

Momma bear : Or, worse yet, we find ourselves over-reacting to the situation? Not 'over-reacting' defined by an on-looker or a friend that scoffs and teases us after the fact, but based on our own experience and understanding. As bitter words spit from a frothing mouth, hazily bobbing in the background is the realization that based on the situation it makes sense to be pissed, but the delicious malicious words percolating forth from unfiltered lips (or in our mind) is more than a tad over the top.

In this moment we see ourselves overflowing with righteous indignation and spiraling down a tretchorous path, one unfortunately well trodden, yet we cannot stop. We are tightly intwined with this potent flash of anger that tears to our core as we draw upon war like maneuvers where we covertly defend while beginning a full on fierce no survivors on-slaught attack.

All the while a vague sense of overkill gnaws at us alluding to potential guilt, another trigger spinning us down another spiral of rationalizations and furry. An intense intoxicating concoction filling us with righteous vindication against the stituation, the uncalled for surprise attack.

What are sore spots?

My words:
This rang a lot of bells with regards to my PTSD trigger response. Interesting article.

Edited to add (ETA), for clarity's sake and to reduce confusion (my own, at least!): This post to my LJ is for my own reference and in case anyone reading it might find the link interesting. I don't ask anything of my readers like many bloggers do and so there is no "requirement" for you to read the link or reply with your own list of sore spots or anything. *updates the sticky post on my LJ to say something like that*