August 31st, 2013

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That is it. From now on WoW friends and other online friends are not real friends unless I have met them IRL. I have had it with people hurting me like this. Yes, that means I have pretty much no real friends apart from hubby, these days. I know I have met a few of you and you are real friends but there is nobody even in the same country let alone nearby…

ETA: This was a too-cryptic message about someone in WoW that had professed to be my good friend and asked me to knit them a sweater (she chose a pattern but never sent me measurements or yarn, let alone paid for it) and then flaked on both and quit WoW with no mention to me. Yes, she had *stuff* going on and it is not all about me but it did hurt.
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Events · Union Chapel

Dignity in Dying presents the second of their ‘for Choice’ events, this time featuring comic Patrons and supporters of their campaign to provide greater choice at the end of life.

Compering the event is BAFTA award winning comedienne, and Dignity in Dying patron Jo Brand. She will be joined by fellow Patrons, Sony Award winning Robin Ince and the multi-talented Chris Larner, as well as supporter Simon Munnery.

Events · Union Chapel

I won't make it to this but someone that reads my LJ might.

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