August 29th, 2013

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"Garlic seems to work!"

Originally posted by natdaylog at Garlic seems to work! …

I ate garlic twice yesterday, Ardennes pâté with garlic both times, and I have woken up without any new bites! Yes, we need to give the flat a serious vacuum cleaning and flea-killing treatment but I do not have the spoons to do much at the moment and hubby is busy. It is just good to know that something works to stop them eating me alive in the mean time!

Also, earlier on natdaylog at this post:
(28th August) I forgot to eat any garlic yesterday. It seems I need to do so every day because I did not get bitten yesterday and ate garlic the day before. I wonder if fleas are where the vampire legends came from…

So, a bog THANK YOU to siliconshaman for suggesting garlic back here!