July 12th, 2013


"Sodium buildup in brain linked to disability in multiple sclerosis"

Sodium buildup in brain linked to disability in multiple sclerosis

Interesting article. Additional thoughts as they occur to me:
- Some people with MS have to supplement their salt intake and get a lot of cramping and spasticity if they need more salt.
- Mum used to heavily salt vegetables, rice and pasta when boiling them. I have rarely added salt to any cooking for years.

'The Recipe Resource: "Free From" Food Industry Exposed'

The Recipe Resource: "Free From" Food Industry Exposed

An interesting article on a useful blog. I have said for years that the "Free From" food industry exploits those of us that need to avoid certain foods and charges much more for similar foods than the "normal" versions of food cost. I have gone back to eating wheat in recent months because the side effects of doing so are more minor than those of my other intolerances and, to be honest, we cannot afford the wheat-free products. Yes, I get a bloated abdomen much more often these days. Yes, I have put most of the weigh lost by going wheat-free back on. If I can manage to live my life day-to-day without too many side-effects, however, I would rather be able to eat "normally", with more choice available and more cheaply.