May 24th, 2013

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Posting "Justified Means?" (working title)

I have been reading a lot of web fiction and listening to a lot of free audiobook podcasts, both whilst knitting. I am hoping to do a podcasts rec. post at some point.

Then I was thinking, I know that I stopped writing it back then when I got to way before 50k words (more like 18,227 according to Scrivener's wordcount), but maybe I could publish that and perhaps, if there was enough interest,

I cannot do a podcast because it is hard to record audio or video in the middle of the night in a flat made of paper-thin walls and so I am most likely to post the text in portions/episodes.

Towards the end of what I have written (nowhere near the end of what is in my head - and I have recently had new plot ideas) I went off on a tangent and so I may edit as I post and excise that tangent.

My earlier posts about this story:
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So, would that be of interest to people? Any thoughts or ideas about how I could publicise and perhaps monetise this?