April 17th, 2013

grr-binu, binu

More dead tech

The spacebar in the keyboard on my Mac mini has decided to totally stop working which, whilst annoying when browsing/reading on the web, means that I cannot play WoW as I use the spacebar a lot in WoW. So. Until I get a new keyboard I am taking an enforced but already paid for (the WoW game time, that is) holiday from WoW. *sigh* All I can think of is that, when my old monitor took a shower in coffee when I choked and it then died, the keyboard also took a small bath but has been waiting until tonight to go on strike.

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Spare keyboard acquired from hubby

I have got a spare-as-in-hubby-rarely-uses-his-mac keyboard for now and he is going to try to clean my nice low profile and with keypad Apple keyboard spacebar so as to fend off the need to spend £40 on a new one. At least Tesco have them in stock if we do need to replace it. I will admit that, even though this "spare" keyboard used to be my keyboard before I got the low-profile one, it is nowhere near as comfortable to use for any amount of time. I may be able to WoW but serious WoW-age may have to wait until I have access to my keyboard or a new one.

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