February 7th, 2013

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Well, that was one way to find out who my true friends were

I plurked a link to my post about PTSD. Yeah. Most of my "friends" on Plurk are fellow knitters with a few knitting podcasters.

One of said podcasters who is apparently a mental-health professional dealing with PTSD in particular started to flame me mercilessly about it. Yes, I do have a copy/paste of the conversation. I am tempted to post it but it makes me look as bad as her due to my fight-reflex words. I will not post the whole conversation but will post her initial reply:

As a mental health professional who diagnosis and specializes with PTSD what you wrote from link is completely false and inaccurate.

I then had a private plurk from someone (I also have a copy-paste of this conversation) supporting me and saying that she felt as I did and that my blog post was dead on.

your not alone with PTSD I have it too. I'm distant on plurk because of the hate of those with mental illness. I thought the article you shared was a good one. It goes hand in hand with what the mental health ones here that I deal with say. Keep your chin up and hang in there baby your not alone and don't need to feel like you did wrong with what you wrote.

Then, in other PTSD news, there seems to be a lot of talk in some LJ circles recently about trigger-warnings on posts of fiction. someone linked to a comment on another blog post:

And I don't think people should have to trot out their trauma cred in order to participate in these conversations

None of these are my words. I hope that the quote marks and italicising makes this obvious. Apparently, to some, this is not the case but I do all that I can do. Maybe linking this blog on Plurk was not a good idea. If nothing else, I have been able to have a PlurkFriends cull of those that are not truly my friends.

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